Scouts was created in 2013 by Jeanna Phillips and Alex Thrailkill to play a show at a now-defunct coffeeshop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They brought the band together to give life to songs that, at that point, existed only as vocal loops recorded into Garage Band over the sound of Jeanna's cooking.

The band included musical and theatrical collaborators David Baloche, Hannah Whitney, Kelsey Larsen, Molly McAdoo, and Rebecca Kushner. In early 2015, Lannon Killea joined Scouts' lineup.

Over time the group expanded into a music collective-- creating foley for theatrical sound design, writing and performing music for genre-bending plays, and scoring web series and films.

In the fall of 2013 the band threw a party on Alex and Jeanna's rooftop in Prospect Heights to debut new songs-- and since then, they've continued to host and curate performances in and out of traditional music venues. In 2014 they curated an evening of music at Littlefield, bringing in friends Jerome Ellis and sullivann. Soon after, they hosted an evening at The Bowery Electric, playing with Ocean Music, sullivann, and DEAN.

In 2015, in anticipation of their upcoming production at Dixon Place and Ars Nova, they hosted two more parties featuring live music: one at Williamsburg raw space Cloud City, featuring Ben Freeman, sullivann, Lannon and Molly, and Shaina Taub-- and another in Hannah's backyard, featuring Darling, Purmamarca, Stabwounds, and The Met.

They've performed at the McKittrick Hotel's Manderley Bar as late-night entertainment following "Sleep No More"; at The Brick Theatre and Ars Nova as a experimental rock trio to score New Saloon's "William Shakespeare's Mom", at the (since relocated) Galapagos Art Space singing electro-pop about the plight of Demeter for New Saloon's "cooking to me Is Poetry"; and at music venues across New York City, including Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, Littlefield, The Bowery Electric, and more.

In 2015, the band's musical repertoire and theatrical training finally collided fully in the performance of "what's this called, this spirit?" at Dixon Place and later Ars Nova-- bringing their music to a fully-formed theatrical production that followed its narrator, Ruthie MacLain, through her tumultuous childhood in America's Dust Bowl.

Currently, Scouts are working on recording and releasing their untitled debut album, continuing to develop "what's this called, this spirit?", and creating a new narrative work tentatively titled "Range of Light".